My way to the CCSP

I get asked a lot about the CCSP and how I prepared for it. Almost a year after sitting for the exam, I decided to write about my preparation and the exam experience.

1, 2, 3, GO! My general strategy for multiple choice tests

After getting some certifications added to my resume, I get asked a lot about how do I approach test-taking. Most of those inquires are specific for a particular exam, others in general.

IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy - FIP

After getting the Certified Information Privacy Manager - CIPM and the Certified Information Privacy Professional Europe - CIPP/E, I could apply for the FIP designation, recognition for leaders in the privacy field, as described by the IAPP.

CIPP/E - My preparation for the European Privacy Certification

I have recently started my preparation for the CIPP/E Certification from the IAPP. If you don’t yet know the IAPP, they are a not-for-profit association, recognized by many and self-proclaimed the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community.

How I got the certification CIPM - Certified Information Privacy Manager

A hot topic right now, privacy is a theme that is getting more and more importance. New laws and regulations, recurrent personal data breaches, fines, and other sanctions; all of this results in increased attention from mainstream media and the general public.